1. The VOTI Detection™ Difference

1.1 Trusted Worldwide

To accommodate today’s complex global security landscape, we have developed a family of sophisticated screening solutions meeting the highest standard of detection.
VOTI Detection™ is trusted around the world, servicing critical industries in over 45 different countries with our superior 3D Perspective™ technology. We adapt to fit our customers’ needs based on their requirements, goals, and regulatory compliance.
Our approach is software-first, resulting in scalable systems that give you greater visibility today, and a better vision for the future of x-ray scanning.

1.2 Improved Threat Detection

We offer exceptional threat detection capabilities. Through our advanced ergonomic interface, operators can manipulate scans to better pinpoint, analyze and evaluate potential threats. The entire process is aided by a suite of tools, including extended configurable threat libraries.

1.3 Feature-Rich at Competitive Prices

Our systems combine state-of-the-art image processing technologies with inventive hardware design, as well as versatile software and an ergonomic touchscreen user interface.
The entire XR3D product family is equipped with our proprietary 3D Perspective™ technology delivering vastly superior imagery and detection at a much lower cost to buy and maintain your systems. All our systems run on BioSans™ OS to provide a full range of applications to meet your needs.

1.4 Enhanced Imaging for Scans and Archives

High performance scanning creates images that are sharper and more revealing. With our higher image resolution and sharper contrast, on top of the greater depth of 3D Perspective™ visibility, we allow operators to see what they need to see much more quickly. Your team can analyze images more easily to make confident and rapid decisions, whether on the floor or in a security center.
Because we archive the original source files, you can rescan any stored image virtually for additional analysis, as though the object were being processed for the very first time.

1.5 Simplified Operations Management

Comprehensive management capabilities include archive management, network integration, multi-language options and the ability to configure administrative parameters. Our systems are intuitive and easy to use, so we can get you up and running quickly.

2. The 3D Perspective™

2.1 Overview

Whether scanning mail and small parcels, or larger baggage, cargo and freight, our units are specifically designed to provide clearer and more revealing 3D Perspective™ images unique to VOTI products.
Our equipment and software are easy to use and highly customizable, our remote diagnostics and surveillance significantly reduce downtime, and our raw image processing provides centralized security screening, archiving and the possibility for future scanning review. These features help give our clients the peace of mind that comes from choosing the best detection solutions available.
From protecting the public to flagging contraband or loss prevention, VOTI Detection™ X-ray scanners are second to none.

2.2 Enhanced X-Ray Technology

Our proprietary 3D Perspective™ technology evolves geometries and detection algorithms to remove blind spots and increase the visibility of threats for easier identification.
We maximize the screening area and produce revealing images that capture unparalleled depth and detail. Our competition doesn’t even come close, see for yourself!

2.3 What Our Competitors Don’t See

2.3.1 Competitor Technology

The competitor scan indicates NO detectable threats…

  • 2D scanners are unable to detect all concealed objects due to dangerous blind spots.
  • Images produced are flat files and cannot be manipulated further in the future.
  • True 3D scanners are expensive, large and slow to produce images.

2.3.2 VOTI’s 3D Perspective™

…But when we screen the SAME bag with a VOTI scanner, several threats undetected by the competitor system are revealed in the seams.

  • We eliminate blind spots and allow operators to quickly identify threats.
  • Our image files are saved in their raw format, so you can rescan them and analyze them as though the items were back in the machine.
  • VOTI provides the benefits of a dual view system at the price of single view.

3.Next Generation X-Ray Scanning

3.1 Next Generation X-Ray Scanning

At VOTI Detection™, we believe in a software-first approach as the way forward for effective operations that are scalable and responsive to the constant changes in the security landscape.
By building network infrastructures that virtualise as much as possible, we open opportunities for new applications while keeping costs down for updates, upgrades, and servicing.

3.2 What We Do Differently

3.2.1 Competitor Technology

  • Many electro-mechanical components that are points-of-failure
  • Costly to stock spare parts for each components
  • Difficult & costly to upgrade

3.2.2    VOTI’s Software-based Design

Most X-ray scanners are built using outdated hardware-heavy designs that can make installation, maintenance and repair costly throughout the lifecycle of the system.

  • 7 main components instead of 20+
  • All commercially available parts
  • Fewer points of failure means better performance and lower Total Cost

3.2.3    Clear 3D Perspective™ X-Ray Images

  • VOTI scanners produce 3D Perspective images from a single x-ray source.
  • No object rotation, moving detectors, or special eyeglasses required.
  • Enables better threat detection by operators.

3.2.4    Full-feature Touchscreen Control

  • Improved user experience.
  • Provides full control of scanner from touchscreen.
  • Results in less damage than the traditional “console” interface.

4. VOTI Software

4.1    Network-ready

With our systems, the overall threat detection process is enhanced thanks to our network-ready and integrative BioSans™ OS platform. This rich interface enables us to tailor feature sets and market-specific modules to the broadest range of applications.

Any upgrades we develop are transferred seamlessly to our systems remotely, automated maintenance and seasoning no longer requires manually accessing a service panel. The streamlined components in our software-focused systems means fewer points of failure and the elimination of blind spots.

4.2    Easy Operation

Through an advanced, multilingual, user-friendly touchscreen interface, operators can manipulate and enhance scanned images in a variety of ways to better pinpoint and evaluate potential threats without the need of multiple scans or special accessories.

Dynamic contrast enhancement gives operators a layer by layer view of objects scanned, giving them the ability to detect low density powders as easily as higher density material.
Administrators can not only test operators by adding threats in real time to screens but can adjust the speed of the scans based on their selected threat level, and determine employee level accesses.

4.3    Optional Applications

VotiALERT™ is a unique application we developed to provide easy-to-use automated threat assessment management and material classification recognition. It also includes raw image storage, atomic number sequencing, and density alert to identify materials being scanned to alert the operator.


Our Risk Assessment Management (RAM) Module includes fully customizable detection parameters in addition to the established 5 levels of security risk. Automate Security Risk Levels: Depending on the risk status flagged by administrators, our BioSans™ OS running our VotiRAM™ module automatically modifies system settings across the board, adjusting scan speed and detection sensitivity.


Our Remote Archive Viewer (RAV) integrates secondary screening of  VOTI X-ray scanners with all the same image enhancement features that are available on the actual VOTI Scanner, without requiring physical access to the original machine.


is VOTI’s Precious Metal Detector (PMD) module and it offers a unique solution for jewelers, electronics suppliers, retailers and manufacturers to guard against theft. Using our application powered by BioSans™ OS you can automatically detect and differentiate between metals and precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver and copper.


Our Threat Image Projection (TIP) application is a management tool that uses extensive image libraries of false threats to occasionally project onto real scans. Administrators can test their operators’ readiness, responsiveness and keep them alert, as well as keep track of individual and unit  performance.
Further Details we can provide after request.

5. Summary

Standard Features

  • 3D PerspectiveTM Bildgebung (dual energy)
  • LCD touch screen
  • Remote Technischer Support
  • Secure USB port for external storage available through BioSansTM  software
  • Auto-archiving (over 70,000 sessions)
  • One-touch instant view of last 5 bags
  • Fully automatic, software-driven tube seasoning
  • Network ready
  • Automatic built in test & self diagnosis
  • Scanned object counter
  • Archive management module
  • Administration module
  • Restricted secure access key
  • Bi-directional scanning


  • Image Edge Enhancement (IEE)
  • Black & white and inverse video
  • Variable contrast control
  • Digital zoom to 64x, pan and flip
  • Dynamic pseudo layering


  • Zeff color image
  • Organic / inorganic stripping
  • Zeff based calculation


  • Automatic High Density Alert (HDA)
  • HD and VHD enhancement

VotiTIPTM (available for all models except XR3D-50T and XR3D-18/18D)

  • Threat Image Projection software
  • TIP management system software

VotiPMDTM   (available for all models except XR3D-50T and XR3D-18/18D)

  • Auto-detection of precious metals such as gold and platinum

Applications and Options

  • Extended roller tables
  • Extended shrouds
  • Pressure sensitive mat
  • Additional LCD touch screen
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Power Conditioner
  • Multilingual operations
  • Mail scanning for letters and envelopes
  • Digital picture of objects scanned


  • Threat assessment management system with automatic threat alert and material classification
  • Inspection & Tagging Recommended (ITR)
  • Area of Interest Highlighting (AIH)


  • Risk Assessment Management (RAM) module with customizable operation and detection parameters
  • 5 security Levels


  • Remote Archive Viewer and secondary screening of up to 5 VOTI x-ray scanners
  • Backup storage/archiving of scans